General conditions of sale

1. Introduction

The general conditions of sale detailed below (hereinafter referred to as the “General Conditions”), govern exclusively the contractual relations between any user of the site (hereinafter referred to as a “User” or “You”) and the site belonging to the SARL I-BISENESS, whose registered office is 12, route de Mégecoste, 63 570 Brassac-les-Mines, France and registered in the trade register and companies of Clermont-Ferrand under the number 501 644 322 (hereinafter referred to as “.I-BISENESS”). These general conditions of sale are the only ones applicable and replace all other conditions, except preliminary, express and written exemption .I-BISENESS can be punctually brought to modify some of the provisions of its general conditions, also it is necessary that they are read again before each site visit (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”). These modifications are effective from the time they are posted online and can not be applied to previously concluded contracts. Each purchase on the Site is governed by the terms and conditions applicable on the date of the order. We consider that by validating your order, you unreservedly accept our terms and conditions of sale after reading them. By accessing the Site, you agree to comply with the Terms and Conditions and the Terms of Use contained therein (date of update: 11/07/2018).


2. Ordering

To place your order, we put at your disposal a website: 24 / 24h and 7 / 7d. We then confirm your good reception by e-mail.
The order process consists of one (1) step: once you have made your choice, and your basket validated, you must:
> fill in your billing, delivery and contact details.
Once the payment of your order has been made, this will definitively and definitively formalize the sales contract that binds you to I-BISENESS.


3. Product information

Payzon takes the utmost care in putting information on the essential characteristics of products online, including technical descriptions from its partners and suppliers and photographs illustrating the products, within the limits of the technical and technical aspects. respect of the best standards of the market.


4. Price

The sales prices indicated on the Site are in euros and all taxes included.
You will note that for the European Union prices appear in euros on the Site. The price is in euros and is always clearly indicated before the confirmation of the order.


5. Availability

You will note that we will honor your order within the limits of our available stocks.
In the event that any of the products ordered are not available in our stocks, we undertake to contact you by email within 5 days from the date of your order to inform you and you indicate in what time frame, this product could, if necessary, be delivered to you.
If among the ordered products, some are temporarily unavailable, we will then propose to address you in replacement of the product unavailable, an article of a quality and an equivalent price. In case of refusal on your part, we will refund the product.


6. Shipping and delivery

Your order will be delivered to the address you indicated when ordering.
When the item is available in stock, the estimated delivery date is determined by the sum of the following 2 items:
1. the shipping time (24-48h): verification of the reliability of your information entered from the taking into account of your payment + preparation of your order + support of the courier (s) or parcel by the carrier.
2. The delivery time of your package or courier by the carrier of your choice.
In case of late delivery of more than 7 days, in view of the announced delivery deadline, you have the option to cancel your order by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. In this regard, we are committed to refunding the sums paid within 48 hours.

Payzon offers you the delivery methods provided by Amazon. Namely: Payzon makes every effort to meet the delivery times mentioned when registering your order.

In case of non receipt of a courier or parcel within the time indicated, an investigation is conducted with the carrier and may take several days.
In any case, in case of exceeding the delivery deadline exceeding 21 days and not due to force majeure, you can cancel your order by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. You will then be refunded within a maximum of fifteen (15) days. Upon receipt of your order, we recommend that you check whether the delivered products are in accordance with your order or damaged and to indicate, if necessary, on the delivery note and in the form of handwritten reserves accompanied by your signature, any anomaly the about.

In case of return of your mail or parcel for IASP (Does not live at the Address Indicated), the return costs are the responsibility of the consumer if the latter has indicated a wrong address (name, street …). In case of return of your package for refusal because of the poor condition of the packaging, if after verification of our services the product or products are in good condition, the cost of return are the responsibility of the consumer.
Without prejudice to the applicable legal guarantees, we recommend that you address these reservations as soon as possible:
by mail to the following address: Payzon 12, route de Mégecoste, 63 570 Brassac-les-Mines, France, or by email to [email protected] (answer under 24-48 hours worked).


7. Secure payment

Payzon offers you only one payment method:
> Paypal: the debit is done with the order on the condition of having obtained beforehand the authorization of debit of your account with Paypal, otherwise your order could not be taken into account.
> The bank transfer: the debit is made to the order provided you have previously obtained the debit authorization from your bank, otherwise your order could not be taken into account.
To know: In accordance with our commitment on payment security, we inform you that Payzon verifies the reliability of the information entered during the registration of an order. This initiative is part of our desire to fight against frauds with means of payment on the internet and thus protect all consumers. Therefore, our fraud prevention service may ask you, in some cases, additional information (such as: copy of identity document, proof of address) to validate your purchase and thus send your mail or parcel. In this case, in order to ensure the timely shipment of your order, we recommend that you indicate a landline number where you will be easily reachable, and confirm the information entered or return the requested documents in the day .

Failure to pay: Failure to pay a single sum on the agreed due date, makes all the sums due and will entail the application of the penalty clause.

Penalty clause: For any failure to pay on the due date, and as a penalty clause, the defaulting purchaser must pay in addition to the sale price: – if it regularizes the payment of its contractual obligation within a period of thirty ( 30) days, from the first formal notice, notified including by electronic message, to pay a sum of thirty (€ .30,00), euros, – if it regularizes the payment of its contractual obligation beyond this period, and in particular at the end of a judicial decision became final, to pay a sum of two hundred and fifty (€ .250,00) euros. This penal clause will remain permanently acquired to the company I-BISENESS, without there being any justification for any prejudice.


8. Right of withdrawal and return

Payzon allows you to benefit from a withdrawal period of 14 working days, to return a product that does not satisfy you. This period begins to run from the date of delivery of your package. This right of withdrawal is exercised without penalty, except for the costs of return. You can return this product at your expense, along with your invoice. We thank you for returning the goods to us by registered mail or tracking and to subscribe to insurance from the carrier of the market value of the products. This is especially necessary in the event of theft or loss of this good through their services. In all cases the return is made at the expense of the consumer. In case of exchange of product, the delivery costs will be borne by the consumer.

This right of return can only be accepted for products in their original state and complete (packaging, accessories, instructions …). Items returned incomplete, damaged, damaged or soiled by the Customer are not included. The deadlines mentioned above run from the day of receipt of the order.

Consumables already started can not be returned.

In case of refund,

If the product is returned within fourteen days from its delivery to you, Payzon will reimburse you according to your method of payment. Payzon will reimburse you no later than 15 days following the date on which you exercised your right of withdrawal. In case of expertise of the product within the framework of the right of retraction, Payzon will do the maximum to refund the User as quickly as possible.


8. Responsability

This contract is subject to French law.
Payzon can not be held responsible for the non-performance of the contract concluded, on the one hand in case of force majeure, as defined by the courts on the other hand in case of fault of the customer or the unpredictable and insurmountable event of a third party to the contract. Payzon can not be held responsible for the consequences resulting from the misuse of products sold on the Site.

9. Coupon

All notices submitted by Payzon Users are monitored and moderated by the association. Since the statements violate the law and ethics (abusive advertising, defamatory remarks, insults, comments out of context …) Payzon reserves the right to refuse or modify the notice concerned.


10. Reviews and communication

All notices submitted by Payzon Users are monitored and moderated by the association. Since the statements violate the law and ethics (abusive advertising, defamatory remarks, insults, comments out of context …) Payzon reserves the right to refuse or modify the notice concerned.


12. Privacy Policy

The information you provide is essential for the processing and delivery of orders, the establishment of invoices and warranty contracts, their absence cause the cancellation of your order. By registering on the Site, you agree to provide us with sincere and genuine information about you. The communication of false information is contrary to the present general conditions as well as to the conditions of use appearing on the Site.
In accordance with the law “Informatique et Libertés”, the processing of your information has been the subject of a declaration to the Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés (CNIL). Payzon is authorized to collect, process and use information about you. These data are subject to computer processing.
This activity is strictly regulated: the file has been declared to the Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés under the receipt number 1270886.
You have a permanent right to access and rectify all the data concerning you, in accordance with the European texts and the national laws in force (article 34 of the law of January 6th, 1978). You can at any time make a request to Payzon to know what information it has about you. You can change this data at any time and upon request. If you accepted it during your identification on the Site, promotional emails (e-mails) proposing news, offers, exclusives, bargains … will be sent to you. You can ask to no longer receive e-mails from us at any time by clicking on the link provided for this purpose inserted in the footer of each e-mail that we or one of our partners will send you.
Payzon and its authorized partners are the only holders of information about you. If you accepted it during your identification on the Site, Payzon and its contractual partners may send you information within the framework of specific and specific promotional operations. These partners are specially chosen by Payzon and are recognized for the quality of their products and services.
We also inform you that cookies record certain information that is stored in the memory of your hard disk. This information is useful to us, to generate statistics of audience of the site and to propose you products according to the articles which you already selected during your previous visits. A warning message asks you beforehand if you want to accept cookies, which you can of course refuse. These cookies do not contain any confidential information about you.


13. Rights

All content of the Payzon Site (illustrations, texts, labels, brands, images, videos) is the property of Payzon, its co-contractors or partners. Any partial or total reproduction of the content by any means whatsoever and on any medium is subject to prior and express authorization from Payzon.
Payzon may not give you permission to copy, display or distribute any content for which you do not have intellectual property rights. Any use of these contents in fraud of the rights held by thirds on these is constitutive of the offense of counterfeiting, severely sanctioned by the Code of the Intellectual Property.
Payzon can not in any way be held responsible for the violation by a user of rights held by third parties and perpetrated because of the activities of the latter on the Site.

Articles L.211-4 du Code de la consommation : « Le vendeur est tenu de livrer un bien conforme au contrat et répond des défauts de conformité existant lors de la délivrance. Il répond également des défauts de conformité Articles L.211-4 of the French Consumer Code: “The seller is obliged to deliver goods in conformity with the contract and is liable for any lack of conformity existing at the time of delivery. It also responds to any lack of conformity resulting from the packaging, the assembly instructions or the installation when it was charged to it by the contract or was carried out under its responsibility. Article L.211-5 of the Consumer Code: “To be in conformity with the contract, the property must: 1 ° be fit for the customary use of a similar good and, where appropriate: – correspond to the description given by the seller and possess the qualities that he has presented to the buyer as a sample or model;
– Present the qualities that a buyer can legitimately expect given the public statements made by the seller, by the producer or by his representative, particularly in advertising or labeling, 2 ° Or have the characteristics defined by mutual agreement by the parties or be fit for any special purpose sought by the buyer, made known to the seller and that the latter has accepted. ”
Article L.212-12 of the Consumer Code: “The action resulting from the lack of conformity is prescribed by two years from the delivery of the goods. ”
Article 1641 of the Civil Code: “The seller is bound by the guarantee for reasons of hidden defects of the thing sold which render it unsuitable for the use for which it is intended, or which diminish so much this use, that the buyer does not would not have acquired, or would have given a lower price, if he had known them. ”
Article 1648 para. 1st of the Civil Code: “The action resulting from latent defects must be brought by the purchaser within two years from the discovery of the defect. ”
Article L121-1: “Any advertising that includes, in any form whatsoever, misleading or misleading claims, representations or representations, when they relate to one or more of the following elements is prohibited; existence, nature, composition, substantial qualities, content of useful principles, species, origin, quantity, mode and date of manufacture, properties, prices and conditions of sale of goods or services advertised, conditions of their use , results that can be expected from their use, reasons or processes of the sale or provision of services, extent of the commitments made by the advertiser, identity, qualities or abilities of the manufacturer, resellers, promoters or service providers.”

Article L121-16: “For all distance selling operations, the buyer of a product has a period of seven days from the delivery of his order to return this product to the seller for exchange or refund, without penalties except for the return costs. If this period normally expires on a Saturday, Sunday or a holiday or holiday, it is extended until the next business day. . ”
Article L121-17: “Contracts are not subject to the provisions of this section: 1 ° Concluded by means of automatic vending machines or for services provided in automated commercial premises; 2 ° Concluded with telecom operators for the use of public telephone booths; 3 ° Concluded for the construction and sale of immovable property or for other rights relating to immovable property, with the exception of rental; 4 ° Concluded at a public auction. . ”
Article L121-18: “In any offer to sell a good or provision of a service that is made remotely to a consumer, the professional is required to indicate the name of his business, his telephone number and the address of its seat and, if different, that of the institution responsible for the offer. . ”
Article L121-19: “The infringements of the provisions of Article L. 121-18, as well as the refusal of the seller to change or refund a product returned by the buyer under the conditions referred to in Article L. 121- 16, are recorded and prosecuted in accordance with the provisions of Title VI of Ordinance No. 86-1243 of 1 December 1986 on the freedom of prices and competition. . ”
Article L121-20: “The consumer has a period of seven clear days to exercise his right of withdrawal without having to justify reasons or to pay penalties, except, where applicable, the cost of return. The period mentioned in the preceding paragraph runs from receipt for goods or acceptance of the offer for services. When the information provided for in Article L. 121-19 has not been provided, the period of exercise of the right of withdrawal is extended to three months. However, when the provision of this information occurs within three months from the receipt of the goods or the acceptance of the offer, it runs the period of seven days mentioned in the first paragraph. When the seven-day period expires on a Saturday, Sunday or a holiday or holiday, it is extended until the next business day. . ”
Article L114-1: “In any contract for the sale of movable property or the provision of services to a consumer, the trader must, where the delivery of the goods or the supply of the goods is not not immediate and if the agreed price exceeds the thresholds set by regulation, indicate the deadline by which it undertakes to deliver the goods or to perform the service. The consumer may terminate the contract of sale of movable property or provision of a service by registered letter with request for acknowledgment of receipt in case of exceeding the delivery date of the goods or performance of the service exceeding seven days and not due to force majeure. This contract is, if applicable, considered as broken upon receipt by the seller or by the service provider of the letter by which the consumer informs him of his decision, if the delivery has not taken place or if the delivery was not executed between the sending and the receipt of this letter. The consumer exercises this right within sixty working days from the date indicated for the delivery of the goods or the performance of the service. Unless stipulated otherwise in the contract, the sums paid in advance are a deposit, which has the effect that each of the contractors may return his commitment, the consumer losing the deposit, the professional by returning them to double. “